Saturday, July 30, 2011


I know its been a while so here are a few posts to catch everyone up on the last few months:

In the beginning of February I sucked it up, put my fears behind me, made it to my appointment and had my IUD removed.  Lets just say it wasn't a pleasant experience! However, life with an IUD (no periods, dropped some weight, no cramping or PMS symptoms) definitely outweighed the painful insertion and removal.  After the painful removal all I could think about was starting trying to conceive ("ttc") the following month. YIPPEE, or so I thought...My OBGYN put the brakes on that. UGH! She wanted me to have two normal periods before we started ttc! I asked her if that would happen right away.. she said it could take up to 6 months to have regular periods!  I was super bummed, considering the fact that before the IUD I never had normal periods! Great, the wait is on!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting It Yanked (The IUD That Is)!!!

I made the appointment... it is all I have to do is show up.  I am beyond excited, but at the same time nervous!  My main set of nerves I think are brewing from what is going to happen while I am in those stirups that all of us women love so much!  I have read the horror stories of removal and then you have those super lucky girls that I think really dont exist or have some crazy pain tolerance and say it was a plesant experience (are you kidding me?!?!?!).  All I have to say is if it is like the insertion when they pretty much stuck a rifle up my hoo-haa and pulled the trigger to release the IUD bullet, I am not going to be happy to say the least! 

I just keep focusing on the great things that hopefully I will be blessed enough to experience.  The big + on the pregnancy test, the feeling of fluttering and eventually kicking of the little one, the day that I get to look into their eyes and know that this is my child.  I think those things right there are worth the stirups and the unknown of getting it yanked.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Baby-Making Track

I use to laugh at my girlfriends and family when they would say "you just wake up one morning and you know you are ready."  Sure as shit, they were right!  I have always wanted a family but never knew when and if I would ever be ready.  In 2009 when the hubby and I got back from our honeymoon it was like a firing range of questions.  "When are you going to start trying, Do you want a boy or a girl, How many kids do you want, How are you going to raise the kid (religion), Are you going to stay at home???"  Ahh with the questions!! As soon as I would sense a conversation starting this way, I would laugh and say "not for a long time" and then turn it around on them and start asking any invasive question about their life I could think of. Payback! 

Why do people these days assume as soon as you say "I Do" that you are on the baby-making track? It's great if you are and more power to those people, but that just wasn't us.  I have (and want to continue) in my career and we are just setting roots.  I want to travel and explore and go have drunken nights with friends and not have to worry about a babysitter.

Then one sunny Saturday morning I woke up, snuggled as tight as could be with my hubby, looked at him and had this overwhelming feeling... I wanted a baby.  I didn't express this right away, but from that point on I did the girly awing over any baby I saw, the tiniest little outfits and the way their whole entire hand barely wrapped around my pinkie finger.  What an amazing blessing.  Then while visiting a friend that just had a baby, I was sitting on the couch feeding the handsome little guy, when I looked up at my hubby, made eye contact and we both smiled while I mouthed to him "I Want One".